PAST EVENT - NADA TEMPLE (September 19, 2021 @Lisbon-Portugal) 

Logic Soul Prod is promoting an event of September 19 from 17:00 till 1:30 am (September 20) at NADA TEMPLE in Lisbon Portugal. This Electronic Music Event will have 5 Top DJ's and dangellodj is part of this Line-Up. This is going to be the party you will not want to loose ;)

Logic Soul at Nada

4 DJ's Will play at the Party besides dangellodj

Jorca - is a Portuguese DJ and Produtor. Jorca is one of the faces of Music Speaks Event agency based in Lisbon. Has producer he works with Hush Recordz / Razzer Records  -                                . . .
M.Dusa - Is a Portuguese Dj that is able to play different music Styles on her Sets but always keeping House Music  as the base - 
. . .
ROD THA FUNK - is Veteran in the Portuguese dance scene with more than 20 year as a Dj and over the last years also as a producer. His work has been edited on the following Record Labels Plastik Galaxy Rebels, Kaos Music Group, DIFF Devices  and Garden 18  -                                                                    . . .
DJ Special K - One of the most known at the South of Portugal (Algarve) with more than 20 years as a dj he delivers always great music for his fans -