I'm a true Electronic music Lover :)
That's Why I'm a DJ/Producer

MyBackyard RadioShow is now on MoveIBiza radio

Could be more happy and motivated to have my Radio Show at @MoveIbiza (http://www.moveibiza.com/), this will allow me to promote my DJ work at Ibiza. 
Today August 16, 2021 we start the journey and you can hear it every Monday’s from 01:00 pm (UTC +1) and Tuesday from 06:00 am (UTC +1)

You can listen to the Radio using the following links:

dangellodj Experience Room

Welcome to my new project a Tickect to AIMEC Experience Room, it will start to be a monthly live Dj Set @AIMEC Portugal but it can be must more in the Future, just put your attention to it and be ready :)You can follow AIMEC Portugal @ https://www.aimec.com.br/localizacoes/lisboa/ or on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/aimecportugal

HK (Hacienda Klub)

dangellodj @ The HK Club

I'm blessed to be able to play my Electronic Music using my setup which allows me to create music on the fly to the crowd in front me Hacienda Klub South Lisbon - Portugal
dangellodj is a registered trademark and a DJ/Producer since 2013